PowerPulse® from PulseTech® (USA)

Battery Maintenance System

  • Uses Patented Pulse Technology
  • Works on all types of lead-acid batteries
  • Extends battery life up to 5 times.
  • Available in 12-Volt, 24-Volt, 36-Volt and 48-Volt
  • Used extensively by consumers and the U.S. Military worldwide for almost ten years
  • Scientifically proven by two major U.S. universities to make batteries last longer
  • Top 50 product by Automotive Engineering Magazine (U.S.)
  •  5 Years Limited Warranty

  • The PowerPulse® battery desulfator is designed to maximise battery life and performance in equipment and vehicles that is used frequently.
  • PowerPulse® is not a battery charger, as charging doesn’t eliminate the main cause of premature battery failures.
  • Over time, lead sulphate deposits form on battery plates and limit the surface area available for energy transfer and reduces the  battery’s ability to accept, store and release energy.
  • PowerPulse® applies high frequency pulsing cycles (not high voltage pulsing) into batteries that work to continuously dissolve and reduce both the number and size of lead sulphate deposits on battery plates. This results in batteries that maintain their state of charge much longer and more readily accept re-charge, dramatically extending battery life, up to five times.
  • This small, weatherproof product is used as a supplement to your existing charging system. No electrical outlet is needed because PowerPulse® draws a small portion of the current from the battery. Safe and reliable, it works on all lead-acid batteries, including conventional flooded, sealed maintenance-free, VRLA, AGM, gel cell, antimony, hybrid and calcium-plate designs.
  • PowerPulse® is available in 12-volt, 24-volt, 36-volt and 48 volt configurations.
  • Each model has a five-year limited warranty.


powerpulse installation

Patented Pulse Technology

  • Sulphation dramatically shortens battery life and is the cause of 80% of battery failure worldwide. As the electrolyte solution within the battery breaks down through age and lack of use, sulphate crystals form on the battery plates preventing them from performing efficiently and eventually rendering the battery useless.
  • PowerPulse®