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“Your battery recovery system looked interesting, so I checked with our service guys to see how many batteries we were having to replace in our trade-in coaches and might benefit from this device. We load test all batteries before selling the trades. The answer I got is that we are replacing virtually zero batteries, thanks to the Power Pulse systems. Some of our trades are eight or ten years old. A great testament to the Power Pulse.”
Karl Blade, Miami, OK 

“This device [36V POWER PULSE] really works!
I’ve had it on my golf cart for about a week and I can really feel more power from the batteries.
I can floor it from a standstill and literally get pushed back in my seat and the front end comes up a bit.
I’m a happy puppy!!”

 “During the winter season of 1999/2000 my batteries were shot and needed to be replaced, none of the batteries were holding a charge. I installed 2 PowerPulse PP-12 modules on the batteries. (One PP-12 on the engine starting batteries 2 X 6V deep cycle flooded in series and one PP-12 on the 4 X 6V deep cycle flooded batteries in series/ parallel for 12V 880 Ah.
In just two weeks the engine batteries were back to over 13V and the four house batteries were back to normal in just over 4 weeks. We don’t have a generator and having a strong set of batteries is essential to run lights, bait pumps, fish finder, radar and the essential inverter driven 22” TV/DVD player for the kids.
Now, June 2009, we tested the batteries with the PulseTech PT390 battery analyzer. The house bank tested out at 13.64V with a SOC (State of Charge) of 100% and SOH (State of Health) of 88%. The engine bank tested out at 13.64V, 100% SOC and 100% SOH.
These batteries were originally installed in April 1992. This makes these batteries 17 years old!
2 PowerPulse modules have saved me 2 full sets of battery change outs and based on the recent test data the PowerPulse modules have saved me over $2,000.00 in batteries and the hassle of changing them out twice.
These products definitely do what they say they can and then some!”
Dave Wicke- Captain
Uniflite 34 S/F “Shangri-la”
Huntington Harbour, CA 

 “I run 7 of your 12 volt PowerPulse units in 3 pickups, a jeep and a Subaru Outback and now have up to 7 year old batteries.”
Martyn C. Reiss
Corvallis, MT

“I own a small marine repair business and have used the 12 volt PowerPulse numerous times in bringing customer’s 8D batteries back into service batteries that were slated for replacement due to age and poor performance. The most amazing recovery was the first time I used this product, on a 61 foot Hatteras. Two battery banks were 32 volt starting/house banks: four 8 volt batteries in series, 240 amp hours each. The batteries were about seven years old, and as charged as their 30 amp charger could manage, but were in such bad shape only one engine would start, barely, and the other engine had to be paralleled once the first engine was running. Battery replacement would have cost several thousand dollars, plus the labor of swapping out half a ton of batteries from deep inside the bilge. Instead, I attached a 36-volt PowerPulse to each bank and left the batteries on their 30 amp charger. Three weeks later, on a cold winter morning, both engines not only started on their respective banks, but did so without the starter slowing at all for ten long seconds of cranking. The engines were V-12 Detroit Diesels — two stroke engines with twice as many compression strokes as a four stroke — quite a challenge for an old battery bank. The PowerPulse units are permanently installed, and now the engines start reliably and quickly every time. My customer is happy to have been spared the expense of replacement, and I’m happy because my back was spared having to lift all those batteries.”
Stewart Gilbert
San Rafael, CA

“As a happy user for almost six years, I think PowerPulse units are essential… After installing my units, I noticed improved performance almost immediately. Their claim of increased battery life in my opinion is substantial… It is my opinion that these units with proper care and maintenance makes batteries far less of a weak link in an alternative energy system.”
David Bawden
Freelance Writer
Delia, KS

 “I put a PowerPulse 12 on a tractor battery (three years old) that would not hold a charge and the battery is doing well. The 24-Volt PowerPulse units are also keeping my deep charge battery bank in excellent condition. Thanks for such a fine company that produces such an excellent product.”
Baxter Whitten
Raymondville, MO

 “I am a retired consulting engineer working part time as an electronics installer for yachts in Southern California. I installed three PowerPulse 12 units on my boat, each attached to a pair of older golf cart T-105s which had degraded to about 85% charge capacity. I was told they were effective but wanted to see for myself. The batteries were returned to 100% capacity (by hydrometer readings) in about three months. Impressive. I have since recommended and installed them on customers’ boats.”
Capt. Emmet Hughes, PE
USCG Master
Professional Engineer

“I have a 40-foot, performance cruising sailboat with two large 12-volt batteries. These batteries would only hold a charge for about 24 hours. I would go out cruising and they would be drained by the time I got back at the end of the day. Then I installed a 12-Volt PowerPulse on each. My batteries improved quickly. Now, even after living on the boat, the batteries will last about a week before I have to recharge. I am very excited.”
Paul Zimmerman
Santa Rosa, CA

“I have a 37-foot Searunner trimaran sailboat with two 6-cell deep-cycle batteries connected in series for the house batteries. With the boat in storage for six months a year the batteries’ capacity to hold a charge were severely diminished in two years. Then I read about PowerPulse in Cruising World and bought one. Using PowerPulse the energy storage capacity was restored in about three to four days. I’m sold. I bought a second unit to use on my land vehicle.”

John Hurd

“Four years ago I installed a 36-volt PowerPulse on my golf cart. At the time the batteries were about a year old. Recently my cart was picked up for service and the service company suggested I replace my batteries since they are now five years old. Instead, I had a friend check the batteries and we discovered they are at 95% of the new rating. 6-volt Trojan T-105 batteries rate at 700 CCA when new. My set of batteries rated from 654 CCA to a high of 689 CCA. Based on that, I may never have to replace these batteries as long as I have this golf cart.”
Jack Michelson
Indian Wells, CA

 “We put a 36-Volt PowerPulse on a forklift with an eight year-old battery. Before installing the PowerPulse the battery would only last about half a day before we had to recharge it. Now it lasts three days before we have to charge it. It’s always running in the green.”
Gary Hutchinson
Darr Equipment
Wichitas Falls, TX

“The (forklift) battery runs in a freezer at zero to -15° temperatures. Before we installed PowerPulse, we would fully charge the battery and it would run for about 1-1/2 hours. Now the same battery averages about 4-1/2 hours. We were about to junk this battery and now it is performing better than our new batteries that are only four months old. We are going to install a PowerPulse unit on every piece of equipment we have.”
Melvin Winberry
Fleet Maintenance Manager
Institutional Distributors
East Bernstadt, KY

“I depend heavily on the productivity of the forklifts to load trucks for distribution sal